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Raise Your Intuition, Consciousness & Psychic Abilities

The World Intuition Summit has assembled more than 40 of the world’s top experts in the psychic and consciousness community to show you how to develop your intuitive perception.

Whether your goal is to have a better relationship with your family, make more money, become more clairvoyant or mind travel, intuition is the core ability you will need. Following your intuition is much more than a hunch. It is the path to higher consciousness, healing yourself and healing others, and developing your psychic powers.

Gain free 24-hour access to these truth finders, psychics, healers, moonwalker, mind travellers and sages at the World Intuition Summit.

Master how to use your intuitive heart to gain real intelligence.

A change of heart is the most powerful way to develop intuition, says Howard Martin of world-renowned HeartMath. The heart’s intuitive intelligence can help you grow a new ability to see more deeply into yourself, others and the world around you. Learn how your heart can open up your higher thinking capacity at the Intuition gathering here.

Activate your universal consciousness abilities;

Edgar Mitchell’s voyage to the moon was a mind journey of life-altering discovery among the cosmos. Imagine journeying into space and being catapulted out of one state of being into a state in which you can understand the interconnectedness of all living things.
With astronaut-moonwalker and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Edgar Mitchell, you too can develop a deeper intuitive perception. To find out how you can tap into the constant creation of the universe and develop your intuition and creativity, visit the Intuition Summit here.

Develop your psychic abilities;

Intuition has no physical bounds says Russell Targ, an accomplished physicist who formerly conducted classified psychic research for the CIA. Non-local perception allows you to intuit not only what is happening in your local area but also in the universe.
To understand how non-local time-space perception can give you new insight into the people and world around you join your teachers and mentors now.

Learn how to guide your spirits and angels on your intuitive journey;

Your ego has to move over to make room for your intuition, says renowned psychic Michelle Whitedove. When doubts, insecurity and questions arise, your ego is in control. Your spirit guides can help guide you in your quest to raise your human consciousness. To activate your spirit guides and let your intuitive ability guide you, follow this link to enlightenment.

Harness your intuition to make better decisions in business and daily life;

Maureen St. Germaine travelled throughout the global spiritual community to develop accurate, trustworthy intuition. She can teach you how to ’harness your hunches’ by helping you understand how your ego works, and how to develop a rapport with your intuition. To find out when your intuition is accurate or when it’s just a hunch, control your ego here.

Learn how energy medicine is succeeding where modern medicine is failing;

The world’s leading medical schools all agree – all of our medical problems come from stress. To heal, we need to treat internal not external stress, reports Dr. Alex Lloyd. Dr. Loyd’s Healing Code says ancient energy healing is the new energy medicine. To learn about the new energy technology that is healing health and life issues, join Dr Loyd now.

Erase the programming that creates noise in your intuitive channels;

Before you can use your intuitive channels, your first have to make sure they are clear and free of psychic junk. Clearing the mind and spirit allows the divine to live and breathe through you, says Dr. Joe Vitale who teaches an ancient Polynesian clearing practice called Ho’oponopono. Follow this link to clear your mind and spirit with ancient shamanic practices.

Discover and change the resonant frequencies that may be limiting you;

Resonant frequencies determine our level of consciousness, says Dr. Dain Heer. If your parents grew up in depression and poverty, you may still be living in their resonant frequencies. To find out what resonant frequencies you can choose, and be, join Dr Heer and live in abundance.

Have you had a change of heart?

The next time you have to make a choice in a life threatening situation, will you use your intuition, or will you turn to modern science?
Our challenge to you is to join the World Intuition Summit and develop your intuition by listening to the free talks from over 45 of the world’s leading experts.

Then, retest your confidence in your own intuitive and consciousness abilities by joining us at the World Intuition Summit and learning how to use powerful intuition, psychic and consciousness-raising tools for guidance in your personal and business life.
It is no coincidence that a book on intuition was a number-one New-York-Times best seller last year. We know intuitively how powerful our intuition is, and we all strive to develop it.

The speakers at the World Intuition Summit have made important breakthroughs in higher consciousness. Many of these breakthroughs are simply rediscoveries of what the ancient shamans already knew.
Join these experts at the World Intuition Summit for awakening, enlightenment and consciousness-raising. Daily struggles will disappear when you sense your way through life with highly-attuned intuitive-abilities.

To develop your intuition, perception and psychic consciousness with over 45 free seminars, visit The World Intuition Summit now.